Class Etiquette/FAQ

  • Please arrive for class 5- 10 minutes prior to class start time

  • Please turn all cell phones, iPads watches or anything that rings dings or buzzes off or to silent and leave in the reception area along with your shoes, keys, handbags etc. (Anything of personal value please keep at home or locked in your car. )

  • Please no perfumes or cologne

  • No shoes in the yoga rooms please place all shoes under the bench in the reception area (the only exception to the rule is Tai Chi where soft soled shoes are recommended in which case it is asked that you clean the bottom of your shoes prior to class 

  • The front door is locked when class begins so please be on time

  • It is ok to bring water in to the yoga room in a sealed container, please no gum, food or candy

  • Class packs have an 8 month expiration, this can be extended only with a note from your Dr. explaining your reason for absence

  • You can share a class pack only if you share the same home address ie: if you are married or mother/father and child ( you may be asked to show id)

  • We do have yoga mats that you can borrow however we do ask that you spray them down with the spray provided after class