~Divine Intuition~

The Powerful Tool You Already Own

With Donna McEntee Saturday, January 12th, 2019 1pm to 4pm $65


In this workshop Rev. Donna M. McEntee, Intuitive Counselor and Medium,  will help you to understand and connect with the ways we all receive spiritual guidance. Whether through intuitive “hits,” synchronistic meetings or repetitive numbers or words, Spirit wishes to grant us the ways and means to live a higher quality of life. By acknowledging these intuitive messages we are provided with on a recurring basis, requested or not, we open the doorway for Spirit – our loved ones who have passed over and our angels who guide us- to provide us with answers to our own life’s questions.  

Beginners Tai Chi


Join Marty Zombro for a beginners 6 week Intro to the 24 forms of Yang style Tai Chi. This class meets Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7pm and runs January 30th - March 6th. Please register in advance for this class, no experience necessary, this class is good for all levels as it is a low impact exercise which is a suitable form of exercise for just about anyone, regardless of age, health or fitness level. Benefits include stress reduction, improved strength and balance, reduced pain and stiffness, and improved overall fitness. Cost is $85


DeClutter for 2019 and Replenish Your Soul

With Donna McEntee Feb. 9th 1-4pm Cost is $65, Please Register in advance

New Student Special

30 days for $49

(perfect for those who have never been to our studio)


Be sure to save your spot and register for class ahead of time use the link below to register now or click the button to see our schedule.


Voted Best Yoga Studio Down State!

Voted Best Yoga Studio Down State!

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