Join us the First Sunday of every month 6:30-7:30pm for Yoga Nidra Bliss

Listen as Heather guides you with verbal cues of imagery and body scanning, allowing excess tension to be released as a sense of relaxation spreads throughout the mind and body. This is a 3,000 year-old science that research shows can cultivate multiple levels of well-being and improves sleep, produces less stress and leads to better health. 45 Minutes of Yogic Sleep feels like 3 hours of regular sleep! Wake up feeling deeply refreshed!

Gentle Tai Chi Starts March 5th!

Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm


The Declutter Workshop set for 2/9 has been canceled sorry for any inconvenience !

New Student Special

30 days for $49

(perfect for those who have never been to our studio)


Be sure to save your spot and register for class ahead of time use the link below to register now or click the button to see our schedule.


Voted Best Yoga Studio Down State!

Voted Best Yoga Studio Down State!

I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your own being