Healing with Katherine


Imbalance in the physical body is intimately connected with the health of the energy field surrounding the body. This energy field is sometimes referred to as the luminous body or auric field. While it is invisible to most, it nonetheless plays a vitally important role in our overall state of well-being.  

As a midwife of soul, Katherine supports clients wishing to re-harmonize and rebalance the energetic matrix within and surrounding the body.  She has experience working both with specific physical, mental, and emotional issues, and also offers more generalized energetic tune-ups for those seeking enhanced vitality and balance.  

Her sessions are a refreshing invitation to tune more deeply into oneself, and to understand more deeply the mental & emotional origins of imbalances in the body. Together with clients, she works to release disharmonious energetics and to establish new life-enhancing patterns, and more balanced ways of thinking and engaging in the reality.  

Depending on the needs & requests of the client, sessions may include a blend of any of the following modalities: crystal healing, energy extraction, medical intuition, organ & chakra balancing.

She has studied & trained in Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Healing Touch, Toning, Dreamwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Zero Balancing, Acupressure, Rainbow Energetics, Qi Gong and Chi Nei Tsang {deep organ healing}.  While her sessions usually include a blend of these modalities, upon request, she is more than happy to focus on a specific modality.

Light Body healing sessions / Medical Intuition {integrated healing including a blend of multiple modalities}
$111 / hour

Crystal Healing - for organ & chakra balancing
$85 / hour

Reiki / Healing Touch
$100 / hour

Qi Gong - Longevity Practices - Private
$85 - hour

Meditation &/or Breathwork Private
$75 - hour

Please email Yoga@oceanvayuyoga.com to schedule your session


"What we Speak becomes the House in which we Live."
~♥~ Hafiz